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Lithography was an important advance

Guilford Lithograph

In 1797, Alios Senefelder invented a fundamentally new printing technology called Lithography. The lettering above is set in the Guilford font which is clearly legible despite its small size.

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1. Hilbert Neue
2. Opulent
3. Hilbert Neue Condensed
4. Frobisher
5. Karat
6. Uranus Condensed
7. Tribune Condensed
8. IGaramond
9. Frobisher Condensed
10. Guilford

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Rubicon has several font licence agreements as described below. To view the text of a particular licence agreement, click the corresponding link.

End User Licence Agreement. This licence is for desktop font formats including TrueType TTF, OpenType CFF, and Type1. It allows you to use the fonts on a single computer. It does not allow you to host the fonts on web sites.

Web Licence Agreement. This licence is for web font formats including WOFF and EOT. It allows you to host the fonts on a single web domain or intranet according to the @fontface rule of CSS Fonts Module Level 3. Note that we only allow web hosting of our fonts in WOFF and EOT formats.

Trial User Licence Agreement. This licence applies to trial versions of our fonts.

Trial Distribution Terms. These are the terms for distributing trial versions of our fonts.

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Ordering our unlisted fonts

The font sets below are not listed with our online ordering systems. To order unlisted fonts, send your order to the e-mail address at the top of this page.

° Burnett
° Hilbert Compressed
° Sharpe Classified
° Thames
° Tribune
° Unifont
° Geometra 1
° Geometra 2

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The Rubicon store at Plimus carries our most popular font titles. To order fonts through Plimus click here: Plimus.

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